About Us

GlobalX is a technology company with a focus  on emerging technologies.


To drive a more diverse, inclusive and competitive digital economy that opens up equal opportunities for all.


To make innovations Happen.

GlobalX feeds into the innovation pipeline by closing the skills, funding and organizational/corporate digital transformation gaps. GlobalX provides opportunities for children, developers & entrepreneurs to learn, innovate, and scale up their knowledge in hardware and emerging technologies.

GlobalX was born out of the need to revolutionize STEAM education, entrepreneurship, technology and innovation in Africa and beyond. 

Problems We Solve

  1. The school/academic curriculum does not meet industry/market requirements in terms of skills making employability difficult and  the recruitment process exhausting.
  2. Businesses struggle to find their way in their digital transformation journey to adapt to the ever-changing technology scene and they need support to develop their strategies and implement.
  3. Funding/Investment-In our work, we come across innovators  with great ideas but do not have linkages to investors and investors looking to fund innovative ideas.

Solutions We Provide

  1. Skilling and up-skilling of  learners/innovators/entrepreneurs/businesses with relevant skills on emerging tech for the future of work. Through STEAM Education-we create a culture of innovation and identify bright minds by equipping young learners with the future-ready skills. We also provide think-tank advisory services in STEAM Education.
  2. Our technology consulting services support businesses in their digital transformation, innovation strategy and development. Through Innovation Research, we identify an organization’s areas of potential innovations and propose promising strategic directions.
  3. Funding/Investment-We connect innovative start-ups/innovators with potential investors.

Girl in front of computer

STEAM Education for Young Innovators

We have to start them early!